Sculpture Final Portfolio

1. My favorite material that I used during sculpture class was clay. I enjoyed using clay because there was so many different things you could make with it. I liked glazing clay after it had been in the kiln already because I thought the color looked way better than painting it. I liked how the color would be glossy and clean. I like working with clay because you can make a large variety of  objects and vessels. I think overall I did most of my projects in clay and they all turned out alright. 

2. My least favorite project was the land art project. I thought the concept was interesting just something I didnt enjoy doing. I think one reason I didnt like it was because it is probably gone now all I have to show of it is a picture. I like artwork that will always be there. The land art project will eventually dissapear. I dont think I advanced any skills while doing the land art project because all I was doing was placing leaves down on paper. If I didnt have to rish through the land art project I may have been able to think about it more. Maybe then I would have liked the final result more. 

3. I think the piece of artwork that best shows me as an artist was my repetition project. For this project I made 2 pendants out of glass. I completed this project outside of class only because there was no way for me to do it in class. I think this shows me as an artist most because its actually using the form of art I want to made in my future. I think its a sort of uncommon type of art but I am so fascinated by it I had to try. I enjoyed making this project because it was 2 new types of design for a pendant.  

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