Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sudkamp Marble drop

We worked with a lot of cardboard and some random seashells and broken clay to look like sand or dirt. Our theme was oceanic or the beach. Ashley came up with the theme and I though it sounded fun to do. Most difficult part of this project was lining everything up so the marble didn't drop or get stuck. The marble travels through bent pieces of a cardboard like material. I would put more twists and turns for the marble if I could go back and do it over. Im most proud of the fact that it sticks to the theme and worked.

Sudkamp Marble drop

Sudkamp Land Art

Land art is art that is made from things found naturally on earth that will eventually be blown away or decompose. I choose do make this my project because I wanted to do something fun and was short on time. Next time I would do more planning and try and put more detail into it.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Art 2 portrait project

 We choose to do our portrait of Bob Marley because we both enjoyed his music and thought he was a very influential person. We knew we had to choose a very different form of material to complete this project and Heather was the one who thought do do it out of grass that we could grow. I loved the idea and that's what we did. The main risk we took was weather or not the grass would grow and if It did would you still be able to tell that it was Bob. I feel that the material had a connection with Bob because it was organic and made from nothing. Overall I am very pleased with the way the project turned out.