Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. I believe that the Sticky Situation project turned out to be my most successful. The theme was Sticky Situation and I decided to go with a painting that was more of a situation than something literally sticky. It took me quite a while to decide what to paint for this project but I am very happy with it. The most difficult part of painting this was trying to paint the propellers so they actually looked like they were moving. The lightning shows repetition which was something that needed to be showed in this project. For the red parts of the sky I actually used the technique of finger painting  to make the flow of the pink look more natural. I think it worked out nicely. I tried to show some depth and difference in light on the front of the plain. I think it pulled the piece togeather and made it look much better than just having a flat gray front.

2. During the portrait project I feel I overcame the most obstacles. For this project we had to do a portrait using materials that are not commonly used for art. I used a cut out Bob Marley to try and make a portrait of him out of grass. I think the idea for this project was very good but Just very hard to see a recognizable face out of grass. We had to water it everyday and sometimes either way it would dry out very fast. It was very big so hard to find a place to put the project so it could get some sun. Also during the weekends no one was here to water it so it would have to go days without water. Sometimes the dirt would even get too wet and carry around seeds so the seeds would eventually get under the paper so if you moved the paper it was unrecognizable. I think in the end this made me stronger because it taught me how to deal with unwanted challenges to finishing a piece of art and how to deal with them calmly and not just scrap the whole project.

3. I think these two pieces of art show growth as an artist. The one on the left was the first project I did in this class. I was nervous and couldn't think of a more creative idea for the theme "Whats the Point?".  For the project on the right was for the theme "Up close and Personal". For the project on the right I really got into it and really didn't want to even stop. Both projects were chalk pastels and I think that material I have gained the most knowledge using. I think blending colors using chalk pastels is something I was never too great at. During the making of the project on the right I really discovered the fact that I enjoyed using chalk pastels. I think throughout my time in this class my creativity has gained a ton. I can hear a phrase for the theme of an art project and look at it much differently than I could in the beginning of this class.

4.  I believe the new way of teaching was for the best. I think letting the students have more of a selection of things to do for each project really gets them thinking more about what they want to do. It makes it more difficult than being told what to do and doing it, but being able to decide your own project makes it more interactive and fun.  I think you grow much more as an artist because it makes the artwork that you do create more like its really something you thought of from the bottom up. It makes you appreciate the piece much more, or at least it did for me. I loved the fact that no two projects ended up being the same when in other classes it was all the same. You were told exactly what to use and what to do and I think that pulls the artist away from their work. I think from this year alone I have grown as an artist than at any point of my life. You can see progression through out my work above and I think the fact that I would be able to get into projects easier because it was all my idea was the reason for that.

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